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Qube AdministrationOptimization, Telemetry, Maintenance, Support, Alarming, Backup.


System Administration
The duties of a sysAdmin are wide-ranging, and vary widely from one organization to another.

When it comes to managing modern enterprise data center, there’s a long laundry list of tools and technologies SysAdmin need to master.

However, there are several species of SysAdmins…

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Database Administration Database administration is the function of managing and maintaining DBMS software.

Q1: What did the DBA say to the Developer?
A: It doesn’t matter, he wasn’t listening anyway.
Q2: What did the Developer say to the DBA?
A: It doesn’t matter, the answer was no.

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Data DevelopmentLearn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist!



Simply put, Responsive Web Design is like a little black dress – no matter what the occasion is, it will always look great. But seriously, when a website is responsive it means that the layout will respond to the screen size it is being displayed upon.

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To a web developer, the problem is a clumsy stacking of concurrently loading processes, interfering with the smooth functioning of JavaScript.
To a web designer, the problem is the idea sucks.

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To find signals in data, we must learn to reduce the noise – not just the noise that resides in the data, but also the noise that resides in us…  It is nearly impossible for noisy minds to perceive anything but noise in data.

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AR ManiacQuore Sportivo

I have argued many times that owning an Alfa is a portal through which all petrolheads must pass if they genuinely want to know what it is that differentiates a car from a toaster or a washing machine.

Because Alfas have flaws, they feel human, as if they have a soul and a temper. Each one is like the tortured hero of a Russian novel, a car of extraordinary depths, a car you can never truly fathom, especially when it four in the morning and it is enveloped in a cloud of steam, yet again, on the North Circular.

They are like cocaine. The unimaginable highs are always matched by immense, brooding lows. Massive electrical storm that inevitably follow a glorious sultry evening.

DucatistaKeep Calm and Ride DUCATI

Why Ducati? Well the question is sort of rhetorical, i mean the answer is obvious. It’s like asking why a star is hot. Because it’s a star.

You can’t be a star unless you are hot. Ducati is like Ferrari, only better. It has the history, the racing DNA, the red color, the stunning looks, but with down to earth prices. Driving a Ducati is a hell more fascinating and thrilling than driving a Ferrari, only due to the fact that riding a bike is funnier and tougher than driving a car.

Also Ducati has all that old school engineering, trellis frame, two cylinders, dry clutch, desmo, occasionally air cooling, that turns every ride into a time travel.

I’ve been a gamer all my life…
You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing!

I think the key divide between the interactive media and the narrative media is the difficulty in opening up an empathic pathway between the gamer and the character, as differentiated from the audience and the characters in a movie or a television show.